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Joseph Coleman, Ph.D.

Dr. Coleman joined the Dennis, Moye, Branstetter & Associates, P.C. team in August 2018 as a psychotherapist. He conducted his graduate training at the University of Detroit Mercy, where he earned his doctorate in clinical psychology.
His graduate school training was focused on psychodynamic therapy training, but also incorporated cognitive behavior and assessment elements. His pre-doctoral internship was conducted at Henry Ford Health System in Detroit, MI, with an emphasis on Health Psychology. He also completed his post-doctoral fellowship at Henry Ford in health Psychology, with particular emphasis on the psychological management of chronic pain. He also has some experience with evaluation of attentional concerns.
Over the past several years, Dr. Coleman has conducted psychotherapy with patients ranging in age from older adolescents to older adults. Much of this treatment has focused on anxiety management, depression, and relational concerns. He embraces a highly empathic approach to psychotherapy, allowing patients to open up and experience their emotions related to relational concerns and other symptoms. He seeks to use the therapeutic relationship to help patients better understand and manage real-world relationships with loved ones and to better understand their reasons for coming to therapy. This can help achieve a new level of interpersonal growth.
His pain-related experience has focused considerably on the psychological management of chronic pain. Through the use of mindfulness, meditation, and cognitive behavioral approaches, he seeks to assist patients with obtaining a better understanding of their pain. He also seeks to help patients employ healthy methods of coping with chronic pain and related stress. 
Currently, Dr. Coleman practices individual psychotherapy ranging from late teens to adults. Typical reasons for referral include anxiety, depression, attentional concerns, and interpersonal/relational difficulties.