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Roxanne Christensen, Psy.D., LLP

Roxanne Christensen has been with Dennis & Moye & Associates since 2013, starting as an intern, and since graduating from her doctoral program has been hired on as an Associate.  Dr. Christensen’s practice mission is toward building mental wellness, and works with patients who are committed to their mind and body congruence and dedicated to achieving balance and joy in life. From her doctoral training and education in Humanistic Psychology she has adopted a person-centered approach to individual treatment, which satisfies the understanding of context and history within the present needs and desires of the patient. Dr. Christensen wants to help people bring their histories, current states, and future goals into alignment. Her approach employs understanding purposes and meanings while healing cognitive and behavioral frustration to life fulfillment. Dr. Christensen works with patients to identify and release themselves of unhelpful learned patterns, find the functions and qualities that highlight their true identities, and develop pathways toward health and wellness achievements.

Dr. Christensen borrows her practice style and skill from a diverse past of training and education with patients of varying age-ranges, backgrounds and cultures, and clinical presentations. She has been educated and trained in psychology, sociology with a concentration in criminal justice, and forensic psychology. Dr. Christensen earned her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Sociology with a concentration in Criminal Justice from Oakland University. She went on to undertake a Master of Arts in Forensic Psychology at The Chicago School of Professional Psychology. She returned to Michigan to complete her Doctorate of Clinical Psychology at The Michigan School of Professional Psychology, an American Psychological Association accredited institution which provided a unique focus in therapeutic treatment and clinical research. Her dissertation applied a qualitative research methodology to a cultural question of Iranian survival of political imprisonment through meaning making, connection, and factors of resilience. She applied knowledge learned from her study to her clinical expertise of survival of impenetrable situations, and the prisons that people can transcend through intentionality.

Dr. Christensen has interned with the Oakland County Courts as an undergraduate student and went on to train in a practicum externship as a therapist working with juvenile detainees in Illinois. Her doctorate practicum was in private practice with a family-counseling center where she saw children and adults with varying backgrounds and presenting concerns for individual and family therapies, and conducted psychological assessments for individuals, courts, and schools. She continued on as a pre-doctoral intern in private practice with Dennis & Moye & Associates where she worked with children, adults, and elderly patients in individual and family therapies with a focused training on the diagnosis, assessment, and treatment of eating disorders. During this time, Dr. Christensen began writing, researching, and presenting her work in adoption, employing a psychodynamic lens. She also partnered with practitioners at Beaumont Hospitals in researching the experiences of Survivors of Sudden Cardiac Arrest. She is currently in her post-doctorate at Dennis & Moye & Associates under the supervision of Licensed Psychologist Kari Coburn, PhD, where she continues her focus on multicultural and lifespan development with young adults, adults and seniors.

Dr. Christensen is interested in working with persons experiencing general life transitions including changes in jobs, relationships, and college or workforce entry. From her focused work in Forensics in Chicago, Dr. Christensen is skilled at providing services for first responders, military personnel and law enforcement officers, and emergency medical service providers from a within-culture understanding of specific presentations and stressors associated with the work of caring for others. She also works with people in the care of others, including medical and health professionals, nurses, and those involved in veterinary care. From her certification and training she is skilled in treating individuals with eating disorders, specifically focused on cross-culturally sensitive treatment of anorexia nervosa. Her research has positioned her to work from an informed perspective with survivors of political imprisonment paying special attention to multicultural histories and Western assimilation while maintaining a historical cultural home. Her biopsychosocial approach has been tailored to health needs such as for patients who have experienced sudden cardiac arrest. She is building into her practice specific treatment and screening for pre-adoption, adoption needs, and post-adoption processing, integrating personal life experiences with her therapeutic training. Dr. Christensen believes in the potential every person possesses to achieve holistic congruence toward well-being and being well.